Group Training

Our group sessions will typically be taught in a conference room space and we guarantee an average of 6 students per 1 instructor in all of our group sessions.  Day 1 Kathryn will be teaching you everything you need to know and more about spray tanning. She’ll also conduct a step by step demonstration of her flawless technique on a live model. Then for the remainder of your training you’ll have the opportunity to apply what you’ve just learned and practice Kathryn’s flawless technique. Typically we’ll pair you up with someone in your group training so that you’ll be able to role play as both the customer and the spray tan technician while practicing Kathryn’s flawless technique. Role playing will allow you to start gaining the confidence needed to be successful. If you happen to attend training with someone then you can simply pair up with them. If you’re really serious about starting and growing a successful spray tan business and choose to combine both days you’ll be given the information and tools that will help you develop your business plan and marketing strategy.

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Private Training

Our private sessions will typically be held in the Silicon Valley on location at our Beauty Bar which will give you an insider’s perspective as to how a successful sunless tanning business operates. On Day 1 you’ll receive hours of personalized, hands-on instruction, learning Kathryn’s flawless technique. On Day 2 you will receive hands-on help developing your business plan and marketing strategy. If you’re looking for the tools needed to start your sunless tanning business from the ground up along with gaining the confidence to be successful, then Spray Tan Academy by Kathryn is the perfect fit!

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We’ll Bring The Training To You!

If you’re unable to make it to the Silicon Valley for our Spray Tan Academy, we’ll pack up our things, bring our expertise to your front door, and deliver the #1 spray tan training in the United States. Whether you have a need for a group spray tan training or private training, give us a call and we’ll work out the details!

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Why A Practical Exam?

Spray Tanning is a skill and an art form that can be mastered with the proper training. However, it requires an eye for detail and different skin tones, as well as an understanding of proper application to different shapes and sizes. The practical exam is intended to measure your knowledge and how well you have grasped the details of Kathryn’s flawless spray tan technique. It’s also to ensure that you are truly being certified and capable of delivering each and every spray tan with pride, dedication, trust and reliability. Remember, It’s more than just a spray tan!

30 Days of CTD (Continued Training & Development)

After you’ve completed the Spray Tan Academy by Kathryn, you’ll have 30 Days of Continued Training & Development provided to you free of charge. You’ll have access to both Kathryn and Dwayne for a total of 8 scheduled video conference calls, 1 hour each call, twice per week, along with additional email contact when needed. One or two days of training is a good start. However, we are serious about your success and know that having a mentor for 30 days after your training will help give you a boost.