We understand that you might still have questions, and don’t worry: you’re not alone. Check out these frequently asked questions about Spray Tan Academy by Kathryn. If you still have questions or would just prefer to talk to one us, please call us at (408) 478-9912.

What do I need to bring?

You are not required to receive a spray tan while at our training; however, if you would like to experience what it will feel like for your client, feel free to bring a bathing suit or other clothing in which you would feel comfortable receiving a spray tan. Besides that, we provide the rest: Workbooks, pens/notepads, machines, equipment, practice solution, and world-renowned know-how!

How long is it?

Our spray tan training class is an all-day, two-day course, starting at 9 am and ending at 5 pm.

Will I be able to practice on a live model?

Yes. Normally, we pair you up with someone in the class, so you will act as both the client receiving the service and the business owner providing the service. Using this technique, you will have the most immersive training experience possible. Of course, if you are attending class with someone, you can simply pair up with them.

Can I purchase a starter kit the day of training?

Yes! SunFX offers amazing deals to anyone who attends our training.

What do I need to for a successful spray tan business?

There are dozens of sprays tan training courses out there. The hardest decision isn’t in finding a date you can attend the training class or in finding a spray tan company that has a good reputation. The hardest decision is in finding the right training. Our values and dedication to fully equipping you for success make us the obvious choice every time. Contact us to learn more!